"Copy, by Herobrine"

First seen in the first chapter, Brian is the main protagonist of Project: ENDER. He lived normally until Ryan created a clone of him for Project ENDER, dubbed "Herobrine". After the event, Brian was found unconsious outside Cramson Forest, with a large part if his mind erased by the cloning process. Brian was in a coma for 2 years, waking up and moving out of the city to Cramson.

Brian is kind and always on a good mood, even though almost his entire life is deleted from his memory. His memory returns in the end of Chapter 14, where Brian and Herobrine are fighting in the computer. Ryan shuts down the system (Although not completely, as shown in the Final Chapter) and ends Herobrine's reign over the overworld, but at the same time creating a permanent connection link between Brian and Herobrine, completing Project ENDER.


In chapter one, Brian isn't seen until the middle of Part 1, going out in Cramson Forest, attacked by an enderman. Then Brian has an vision of him standing in a white space, seeing multiple creatures possesed by Herobrine. Then Herobrine teleports and stares into his eyes, Part 1 ends there.

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